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Images from Keowee Valley, and Quinn’s journey:

1760 Map of the Cherokee Country


Colonial Map of the Carolinas


Colonial Charlestown


Colonial South Carolina seal


A Draught of the Cherokee Country, Henry Timberlake, 1762


King George III





Fort Prince George


Colonial South Carolina soldier


mountain laurel photo by Sylvia W. Forward,




Model representation of the three Cherokee “chiefs” (Attakullakulla included) who traveled to England, 1730s (credit: Museum of the Cherokee Indian)
















lady’s flintlock pistol


tricorn hat







Native American weapons





Cherokee shell gorget (ancient)


Silver British officer’s gorget


anesta rackets (Cherokee stickball rackets)




















Flag from the Revolutionary War






* All photos taken from a general Google search of specific images; some were without attribution, others to come shortly. I have no intention of selling or distributing these photos in any way.

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