Future Retreats

Our upcoming MountainTop Writers Retreat (dates TBA): 

Fall MountainTop is a retreat for writers and creatives in need of quiet and time, with optional activities, including brainstorming/mentoring sessions and craft talks with visiting authors, yoga, hiking, mediation, and more. Perfect for writers of all stages who are working on new or continuing projects. Though we will share communal spaces in the Lodge, and some meals, any and all time spent with other writers and visiting authors is by choice. Our goals are quiet, coziness, productivity, and inspiration. This is your retreat!

* Planning for future retreats is ongoing. We are hopeful that 2020 Fall MountainTop will be a success! If this comes to fruition, other retreats will be offered. As soon as details are definite, they will be posted here. Here’s what we’re thinking for the future:

MountainTop Writers Retreat – WINTER
Winter MountainTop is  a retreat for writers who want to cozy up and dig deep into new and ongoing projects. Optional brainstorming/mentoring sessions and a craft talk with visiting authors. Optional hikes, yoga, mediation, and more. Think seclusion, sweaters, books, coffee, and plenty of time by the roaring fire in the Lodge.

MountainTop Writers Retreat – SPRING
A combination of retreat, workshop, optional manuscript critique and mentoring sessions, and informal time with author guests, Spring MountainTop is a time for writers of all stages to explore and dig deep into your own writing. Informal, 45-minute workshop sessions led by guest authors will cover a variety of craft, industry, and practical topics. Each attendee will have the opportunity to book a private, 30-minute mentoring session with MountainTop’s founder and director, Katherine Scott Crawford—a time to practice pitches, brainstorm ideas, or talk about any aspect of the writing life. In addition, manuscript critiques will be offered by Crawford and other guest authors at an additional fee.

MountainTop Writers Retreat – LATE SUMMER
Summer MountainTop is for writers who are parents! So many writers have children to care for, which makes writing time an often near impossibility. (Believe us, we know.) Let Earthshine Lodge’s experienced outdoor educators spend the days with your children—hiking, visiting waterfalls, playing team-building games, climbing the rock wall—while you enjoy quiet, uninterrupted writing time. Revel in the solitude of your private room, the decks and communal spaces of the Lodge, and Earthshine’s 76 acre mountain property as your writing and dreaming space. Meet back up with family members and other guests for dinners in the Lodge.

MountainTop Writers Retreat — seasonal — women only 
Women’s MountainTop is for writers and authors in need of peace and quiet, and a gorgeous, inspiring place in which to write. Perfect for authors and creatives on deadline, or in need of concentrated periods of uninterrupted writing time. Optional yoga, guided hikes, and more. Roaring campfires, rocking chairs, mountain views, and 76 acres of gorgeous mountain property at your feet.

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