As of November 2017, I’ve been at work on a new historical novel. (Yes, it takes a while.) Set in both 1804 and 2004 in Charleston, South Carolina, it’s a time-jump, time-slip, historical adventure, featuring a dual timeline involving art history, social upheaval, and a huge family mystery. The 1804 scenes are told from the point of view of an artist named Daniel; the 2004 scenes from the point of view of an art historian and restorer named Gamble.

If you’d like to keep up, I’ll post lines from my work-in-progress here. I’ll attempt to do so weekly. (It may be easiest to subscribe to my blog, at right.) Remember: these are rough draft, and may never end up in the final product. But they sure are fun.

Weekly Lines:

The boy began to sing (Instagram)

Coffee in 1804

First flush

A freeing and a clutch

The kitchen house

Archives and Liars 

The Cheshire Cat and Alice

Cars and Curricles

Woman from the future