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I simply love to talk literature. I’m an avid follower of literary and writers’ blogs, and I keep my own. I depend on great reviewers to help me decide just what to pick off the shelf at the library and the bookstore. And as an English teacher and voracious reader, I think that people who love books are the gems of the modern world.

If you’re a blogger or reviewer interested in blogging about and/or reviewing Keowee Valley, or orchestrating an author interview, I’d be more than happy to work with you. For copies of the novel, you may contact me or my publisher directly, or utilize the link to Net Galley, below. I heartily thank you!

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Deborah Smith, VP & Dir. of Marketing
BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books
Phone: 901.344.9024
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PDF review copies available here via Net Galley (click the cover image below):

Keowee Valley

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