Happy New Year!

Hey, all,

It’s 2024! Yes, I’m about to say something so passé as, “Can y’all believe it’s 2024?!”

Okay, all done. I sure hope your holidays were exactly what you needed them to be. And if they were not, I hope you’re going gentle into January, especially with yourself. I truly believe it’s the best, the only, way forward.

Quick update:

The newest issue of my author newsletter, I Take Heart, is out. Several readers have emailed to tell me it’s their favorite yet. No promises. It’s full of the usual stuff: ponderings on life, books, the arts, the new year, and more. If you’ve not subscribed, you can go here. Or, you can message me directly with your email address, and I’ll add you. (Some folks have found that method to be easiest.) I post once per month.

I’m excited to report that I’ll be leading an in-person, Historical Fiction book club at Highland Books in Brevard, North Carolina. Beginning on February 14, 2024, at 6:00 p.m., we’ll meet the second Wednesday of each month. Same time, same place. Register and buy your books at a 20% discount from Highland Books: our first pick is Mitch Albom’s The Little Liar. For more info about upcoming books, click here.

Don’t forget to follow Highland Books (and me!) on Instagram, so you can stay up to date with news, details, and more.

I’m also excited to report two writing residencies I’ll be attending in 2024: South Porch Arts in Summerville, South Carolina, and the Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities in Southern Pines, North Carolina. ANY writer will tell you that a residency–the space, time, and quiet in which to devote to your craft–is invaluable. (Especially writers who are also parents.) Full stop.

Here’s to a winter 2024 full of bracing winter walks, lots of good books, and hopefully some snow!

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