Professional development looks different here


Oh, we had a glorious Academic Writing Retreat at Earthshine Lodge. Professional development looks different here. 

7A4E430B-35FF-4324-AFA2-84D2CE06D01FFor any academic writers, on the university or college level, who write–or who need to write–I sure hope you’ll join us next time. We spent an immersive three days eating delicious meals, snacks, and desserts prepared by Chef Coe, enjoyed breakout sessions centered on breaking out of your writing ruts and finding your inspiration, spent hours by a roaring fire, slept beneath gorgeous quilts, went on a nature hike led by Earthshine’s resident naturalist, Mo (we saw turkey tail mushrooms, rattlesnake plantain, and so much more), and worked.

Laughter echoed throughout the Lodge, collaborations were created, and so much more. For more information about the next retreat, bookmark Earthshine Lodge–and keep your eyes peeled!

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