Hey, y’all. My name is Katherine (a reintroduction)




Hot damn, I have 2,000 followers on Instagram! Please allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Katherine. I have others, depending on who you are and how long you’ve known me. I take nicknames seriously: using them is a privilege.

I’ve been a storyteller since childhood. I’m a recovering academic, former college professor, newspaper columnist, backpacking guide. I’d rather be outside.

I adore history. I can argue that Shakespeare was a woman, detail the intricacies of 18th century undergarments and the impetus of world wars, but can’t recall my multiplication tables.

I’m the author of the historical novel Keowee Valley (BelleBooks, 2012). I was pregnant with my daughter, earning my second graduate degree, and teaching college when it was published. It’s still a blur.

Recently, I completed my second historical novel. For the first time in 13 years, I’m looking for a new literary agent.

I spent years onstage, but in real life I have a glass face and am incapable of subterfuge. What you see is what you get (for better or worse).

I’m insatiably curious and easily awestruck. My mouth often runs faster than my brain.

I’m Enneagram Type 4 (Type 4wing5 for the true believers) and INFJ-T (T for turbulent.) My sister knew this years before I did. I thought myself an extrovert well into adulthood.

Preferred uniform: turtleneck, jeans, boots or brogues. No makeup.

I’m deep-feeling/painfully sensitive. It’s both tragedy and superpower.

People who cannot hold opposing ideas bore me.

I can be a snob.

My people mean more to me than they know, because I find the minutiae of friendship draining. But I think about my friends more than is healthy. If I love you, I love you forever.

My husband is a decade older than I.

My dissertation linked historical fiction to the theories of epigenetics and ancestral memory.

I’m a Southerner (not the scary kind) and a Feminist (the scary kind. For example: Of course you should hold the damn door for me).

… however, I believe:

– labels are for the intellectually weak.

– Sam Elliott is unspeakably attractive.

– the more open we are, the closer we grow to holy.

It’s my honor to know you. Please, introduce–or reintroduce!–yourself in the comments.

P.S. If you follow along here, you know I’m awful about posting regularly. I’m most active on my Instagram account, and I’d be grateful if you follow me there, too.



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