The Sully Show … just a little funny for your Tuesday

drquinn2Okay, funny story. And just for fun, because: 2020. Anyone who knows me knows I have a long-standing love (*cough* obsession) with frontier and Native culture, and the real people and characters who’ve populated it, past and present. I wrote an entire historical novel about it.

The last years of the TV show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman aired on CBS when I was a student at Clemson University. One year, I lived in an on-campus apartment with friends, and our neighbors were college athletes mixed in with us regular folk. Our best guy friends, some of whom were Clemson football players, lived across a concrete courtyard and upstairs from us: close enough we’d leave our doors open and shout for each other. They teased me mercilessly about the show—until they started watching it with me.

They were hooked! I’ll never forget those big guys crowded around our tiny apartment living room, too big for our furniture, jockeying for space in front of the TV. They would yell at me when we lost the remote! But the best part of all was on the nights the show came on, when the door to their apartment would fling open, and some college boy would yell across the courtyard, “Hey, T!” (because apparently “Katie” was too long of a name), “Is the Sully show on yet?”
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