Keowee Valley only 99 cents now through July 31st

keowee graphic (2)Looking for a historical adventure to dive into this summer? Set in the gorgeous, wild, and dangerous Carolina backcountry in the years leading up to the American Revolution? Starring an audacious woman bound and determined to pilot her own life, no matter what it looks like?

My first novel, Keowee Valley, is on sale now until July 31 for only $0.99 (via Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google & Apple).

It’s a bit ego-crushing to call your novel a “debut” when it was published almost 8 years ago and you’ve not published a second novel yet. But this is mine. Happily, Adriana Trigiani called Keowee Valley “stunning,” “evocative,” and “beautiful.” Pat Conroy said mine was “a name that should be remembered,” Tommy Hays said the novel was “sensual,” “gripping, magically embodied,” and Ron Rash said I was “a fresh and valuable new voice in Southern literature.” These are the things I cling to, as a writer and creative, in these creativity-stymied times when all I’m doing is holding my family together by a thread (also when my 7 year-old screams that I don’t understand her as she speeds away on the bike I bought her).

If you’ve not read Keowee Valley after all these years, I hope you’ll take a 99-cent chance on it now, or mention it to your friends. I’m pretty proud to say readers of all genders and stripes have enjoyed the story, and I’m glad folks still read it. If your book club wants to pick it up, let me know. I’m a great Zoom date.

You can purchase Keowee Valley for only 99 cents through July 31 at the following sites:



Barnes & Noble



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