Evergreen and Expectations: A Keowee Valley Christmas Story

Quinn and Jack are back in the Valley!

I am ever so happy to bring you “Evergreen and Expectations: A Keowee Valley Christmas Story.” Whether it’s your first visit, or a return, I hope you enjoy the 1700s, and the wild Carolina backcountry! It is Christmas, and it is snowing, and Quinn and Jack–and a few surprises–are waiting for you.

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EvergreencoverIt is Christmas in the Keowee Valley. Over a year since Quincy MacFadden Wolf and her half-Cherokee husband, Jack, returned from adventures abroad, it should be a season of celebration and good cheer. Quite unlike herself, Quinn is surly and sad, longing for the good company of friends and family. But the Twelve Days of Christmas will bring surprising revelations and unexpected guests, and Quinn will discover she is capable of great purpose–and that she is more at home on the frontier than ever before.

Katherine Scott Crawford returns with a short story filled with characters from her awarding-winning historical novel. Set on the wild Carolina frontier in the years before the American Revolution, the Keowee Valley is still beautiful and mysterious, and Quinn and Jack a pair of lovers as rare and real as they ever were.

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