What Would Quinn Do?

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Fall may be my favorite season. It’s more than the trees and mountains around my town awash in red, orange, and gold, and the skies so blue they’re almost hard to look at for long–though these are highlights. It’s the shift in seasons. Fall, I think, is the most dramatic of the year. It hints at hunkering down–something I love to do. There is no denying life is changing, and the earth with it.

That being said, every Fall I can’t help but think about Quinn (Quincy McFadden, to be sure), the heroine of my historical novel, Keowee Valley. Quinn is an unusual woman: a bluestocking, ahead of her time but still of it; a woman who becomes a willing–and, at times, unexpected–adventurer. When she leaves the bustling port of Charlestown, South Carolina and journeys into the wild Carolina backcountry during the dangerous 1760s, her entire life and the lives of all with whom she comes into contact are changed, even upended.

Right now, Keowee Valley is on sale on all ebook platforms for only $0.99. (That’s 99 cents!) Get your copy beforeKeowee-Valley-screen the promotion ends on November 15th.

Because of this, I’ve found myself lately wondering, “What would Quinn do?” I’ve written about it over at my publisher’s blog. To access the blog post and read more, click here.

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