Amazing and unexpected things happen at the mountaintop

IMG_6426Amazing and unexpected things happen at the mountaintop. There’s just something about the solitude and quiet, the crisp air, being truly (maybe finally, for some of us) away from the noise that keeps creativity at bay.

This is why we founded MountainTop Writers Retreats: so writers and creatives are able to access that elusive place inside themselves where inspiration resides–and to grasp it for more than a moment. Working writers know the work takes sitting at the desk every day, whether we’re inspired or not. But it’s that vein of true magic, hard to locate in the everyday grind, which shows itself when we’re on retreat in a special place. 

Maybe–just maybe–it’s because we’ve gifted ourselves time and quiet, and the writer in us recognizes it … and opens a door. (Breath-taking mountain scenery helps, too.)


Join us at Fall MountainTop, November 8-11, 2019. This is a true retreat: no workshops or classes, just time to IMG_6427WRITE. Gift yourself this weekend away. Invest in your story.

Follow us on Instagram for more images, and check out our MountainTop Writers Retreat page for more information and to register. Be sure to explore the pages beneath for more information about the retreat, its Founder & Director (me), FAQs, and more.

* Photos here are of private writers’ balconies at the Lodge. Each room has one, with views of Earthshine’s 76-acre property. 


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