More Praise for KEOWEE VALLEY & One Fabulous Phone Call

Just received another wonderful blurb, this time from bestselling historical novelist Beverly Swerling:

“In Quincy MacFadden, Crawford creates a feisty, gutsy heroine who survives those fraught years before the American Revolution in Appalachian Indian country, finding love even as she defines the spirit that will create a nation. The frontier equivalent to Abigail Adams in Boston or Dolly Madison in Philadelphia. I read it in one eager, page-turning sitting.”

Swerling is the author of City of Promise, City of Dreams, Shadowbrook, and more. She writes great, big, fabulous novels about old New York. I love them.

On another note, last week I got a message on my voicemail from one of my literary idols, saying he’d be happy to read KEOWEE VALLEY. I’ve been reading this man’s work since I was 10 years old, and very often he’s the Southern voice in the back of my head when I try to write well. I was, and still am, floored with happiness. More to come!

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