This is goodbye … my last newspaper column

IMG_2668Hi, friends. It’s with a truly heavy heart that I must announce The Greenville News and the Asheville Citizen-Times have chosen to no longer run my weekly newspaper column.

My column appeared in The Greenville News every Thursday for 5 years, and for two years on Saturdays in the Asheville Citizen-Times. It was a joy to write, and I will miss connecting with readers more than you can ever know. Already this morning, my email Inbox has been full of messages from readers of the print version of the paper, many wanting to know to whom they can address their concerns. You are welcome to contact Regional News Director Steve Bruss at sbruss at gannett dot com or 864.298.4284.

I have some plans about making this website/blog a more active place for my writing: I’ll announce something soon. For now, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to this blog: the link is located to the right of my homepage here. It’s free, of course. Here I will share news of upcoming publications, write essays similar to my newspaper column, and share the places and things I love. I promise not to overload your inboxes!

And I hope you’ll connect with me on social media. Lately I’ve been spending a good amount of time on Instagram, but you can find me by clicking through the following:


In the meantime, I have plans to continue working on my second historical novel, and a TBD nonfiction book project compiling and utilizing past newspaper columns. Plus, you know, the wifing and parenting and dog-momming and hiking and reading and what-not.

I believe our stories matter. Thank you all, ever so much, for reading mine.

To read my final newspaper column, please click here.

~ Katherine





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2 Responses to This is goodbye … my last newspaper column

  1. Gail Morgan says:

    Not much left in the Greenville News for me anymore. First the lady that had the gardening column left or retired then Kiki the recipe girl an now you. The paper has become a Trump basher mostly and I’m considering dropping bmy subscription. Glad to learn I can follow you on line and i have just ordered your book. Love reading about you and your family. Keep up the good work and may God bless you as you move forward. Thanks for past enjoyment, Gail Morgan