New column: “Why do the children get left behind?”

GoGray2017FBBannerWhy so little funding for childhood cancer cures?

Last week, the first of one of two columns I wrote about pediatric brain cancer, and my dear friends’ journey with it, was published. This week, the second column  was published. While the focus of the story are my friends’ and their incredible son, Holmes, age 9, the heart of the matter is that it’s about all the kids. How much money are we willing to give, as a country, to fund the research of pediatric brain cancer?

Brain tumors are most prevalent in children. More children die of brain tumors than any other cancer. Right now, our country deems it adequate to offer children with brain tumors 1% of federal funding. That’s one penny out of every dollar.

Please read this column, and please pass it on.

To read, click here.

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