New column: “Readying the home for Christmas”

DSC_1100How do you prepare for the holidays? Are there things you do, in a very specific way, each year? In my house, we celebrate Christmas. Our preparations are a tradition, one I’ve begun in my own home. They are an act of willful sacredness: something I cling to in tough times.

So this, and more, in my newest newspaper column. I hope y’all enjoy it.

To read, click here.

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2 Responses to New column: “Readying the home for Christmas”

  1. Shirley Lander says:

    Dear Katherine,

    Just read your article in the Asheville Citizens Times. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I have always felt the best part of Christmas are the memories we have, and continue to make.

    My Father passed away on December 21st, when I as 17 years old. That was 56 years ago and I still have memories, especially when I get out the Christmas boxes.

    This weekend with the snow has just made it all so much better. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA and we are loving the snow.

    Thanks again for the article, and I love the word “readying”!

    Shirley Lander

    • scout2011 says:

      Thank you for reading it, Shirley! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

      I can only imagine what it was like to lose your dad so young, especially at Christmas. My mother lost hers at age 14. Memories of them are such gifts.

      Peace to you this season,