New column: “November is beckoning”

11235834-autumn-appalachian-hiking-trail-foggy-nature-blue-ridge-fall-foliage-bridge-near-grandfather-mountaiAh, November. If the weather would only act like it.

Despite the too-warm Fall we’ve had so far, there is much to love about this month. That and more in my newest newspaper column. I hope y’all enjoy it!

To read, click here.

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2 Responses to New column: “November is beckoning”

  1. Robert Glenn says:

    Do you plan to write a sequel to ‘Keowee Valley’ ? I recently finished this most enjoyable read. In past years I have hiked many trails in mountains of SC, NC, GA. as a member of a Greenville-based hiking group-Greenville Natural History Association(GNHA). Due to ravages of age I am no longer physically able to continue mountain hiking. I live in Greenville and attended public schools here. From GHS I attended Clemson University, Class of 1952. After retiring from hiking I recently passed on to my granddaughter Shannon Glenn, CU Class of 2013, a trove of maps and books covering the areas that the GNHA frequented. Included were many USCG maps covering details of specific areas. Shannon has become an avid hiker. Your resume’ lists visits you have made to Italy and Scotland. I have hiked in both countries, usually while participating in those wonderful Elderhostel programs. I regret that I did not return to Italy for another visit after completing a two week Elderhostel program-first week in Tuscany, second week in Umbria, with side visits to Florence and Rome.
    Back to ‘Keowee Valley’ I feel that the ending of the book as Quincy, Jack and others embarked for Italy it begs for a sequel to this entertaining story. I do enjoy reading your columns in GreenvilleNews.

    • scout2011 says:

      Hi, Mr. Glenn,

      I’m so glad you read and enjoyed Keowee Valley! I have been working at a sequel (and several other writing projects) for several years since finishing the novel. I’ve been sidetracked by grad school, babies, work and life. But you are right: Italy will hopefully be a part of Quinn’s and Jack’s next adventure.

      It sounds like we share a background, what with being hikers and travelers and Tigers. Your hiking group sounds wonderful; I hope you get to at least take some walks in the woods and some beautiful drives.

      Thank you ever so much for reading the column! I thoroughly enjoy writing it.