Need a new book to read for 2017? “Keowee Valley” on sale for ONLY $1.99!

Keowee-Valley-screenHi, folks. I’m excited to share that the Kindle version of my historical novel, Keowee Valley, is on sale from now until January 15th at Amazon! ONLY $1.99! 

Folks have some really nice things to say about Keowee Valley: Pat Conroy called it “a terrific first novel,” Adriana Trigiani says it’s “a glorious debut from a gifted author,” Ron Rash calls it a “compelling story of one woman’s boldness and courage,” and Tommy Hays says it’s a “gripping, magically embodied novel.” They, and other authors, say more stuff about it, too, which you can read here.

If you’re looking for an historical adventure to light up the dark days of winter, I hope you’ll check it out. And if you’ve friends who are looking for something to read, I hope you’ll pass this along. There’s really nothing better to banish the doldrums of winter and to kick off a whole new year than a rollicking story.

For more information about Keowee Valley, including a sample of the Prologue and first chapter, and link to reviews, etc, check out the pages on my author website above (“About the Book,” and “Praise,” etc.)

To purchase Keowee Valley (Kindle version) for only $1.99, click here


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