Sam Elliott is my boyfriend

cowboyOkay, so the title above is facetious. And also untrue.┬áBut you should all know how much I adore the actor Sam Elliott, and have since I was a child and saw him in the 1989 Christmas movie Prancer. (You’ll know this, especially, if you follow me on Facebook. Ha.)

Does it matter that he is the very same age as my father? No.

Does it matter that he’s been happily married to the actress Katharine Ross for 40 years. No.

I love him. I love his deep, sexy voice. His handlebar mustache. The way he wears a cowboy hat. The silver hair. The mischievous glint in his eyes.

I love him in every film he does. And yes, that includes Road House.

Which is all to say that there’s a new article about my boyfriend Sam Elliott out in The New York Times. It discusses his career, his three new indie films, and the fact that he’s so much more than that deep sexy voice. It’s a neat article about a true gentleman actor of the old school, and it’s worth reading.

To read, click here.



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