Photos from Western North Carolina’s “Winter Event”

Yesterday, we woke up to a surprise snowfall of about 5 inches.

Actually, a little after midnight the night before last, I noticed that it was snowing. I watched the snow illuminated in the street light across the street, and saw that it was falling a lot like the snow does in Vermont, where I’ve spent a good amount of time in the past.

I was so jacked I sat straight up in bed at 6 a.m. yesterday morning, hopped up onto my knees and yanked open the blinds. (This delighted my husband.) Outside was a winter wonderland–not an indention, not one tire track, not one blade of grass peeping up out of the snow. I was THRILLED.

We played most of the day in it. (The girls and I did; their daddy had to walk to work.) We built snow ladies, sledded, and attempted to swing on the swingset. We tossed snowballs for the dog to catch and tried to find our friends at the big sledding hill in town, but sadly a whiny toddler and not driving a Subaru like every other person in Western North Carolina kept us from making it there.

Some photos from our day in the snow:

snowwylie snowbaby shoveling equallyexcited2 DSC01759

The second “snow event” occurs tonight and tomorrow morning. Some weather outlets are predicting 10 + inches, while others say just 3.

We’ve got pancake mix, library books, and cookie dough … and we’ll see!

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