The weather outside is frightful …

This week has been wild: snow, sleet and ice here in Western North Carolina, with temperatures soon to dip into the negative degrees. As I type, it’s snowing again in a bluster outside my living room window.

I LOVE it.

Unfortunately, I’ve got what has to be a sinus infection, my toddler has a cold, and both girls have been out of school for three days. Our entire family just got over a three-week bout with the flu, bronchitis, and sinusitis, so this makes me particularly bitter.

But at least there’s SNOW.

Here’s my baby, watching the snow from our living room window. (She’s a climber; see how she’s perched precariously on that box? Oh, mama.)










Here’s our hearth, where the snow boots, socks, hats and mittens are drying out. That’s our precious puppy, Scout.








These photos are what we’ve been doing all week. We’ve played outside, too, but I don’t have pictures of that … yet.

library scoutsnow


Y’all stay warm this week!





Wylieplaydoh sled inside

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