New column: “When you’re a parent, hits just keep on coming”

Happy Thursday, folks!

Today’s newspaper column is up at The Greenville News. It’s about how parenthood is a constant lesson in humility. And a little tidbit about how I had to take off my pants in public.

Read here.


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4 Responses to New column: “When you’re a parent, hits just keep on coming”

  1. Cheri Kapalko says:

    Just finished reading Keowee Valley, loved it. I have a home by the Nine Times Preserve, in Pickens County, over looking Lake Keowee. I often wondered what the area was like in the past. It is still beautiful and pristine. I enjoyed the storyline and I will look forward to reading the sequel and and the book about Quinn and Jack’s bloodline. Your book reminds me of, another favorite novel, A Land Remembered about emerging cattle ranching in Florida. Good luck with your new creative ventures. Enjoy your beautiful family.

    • scout2011 says:

      Thanks so much for writing, Cheri! Your home on Lake Keowee sounds lovely. I was the Artist-in-Residence the summer before last at The Reserve, and thoroughly enjoyed my time exploring the area. I’ll have to look up A Land Remembered–it sounds right up my alley, and I need some good books! Thanks again for writing, and for the very kind words.

  2. Eileen Grubb says:

    Amusing as always — just be happy that you had some undies on — or did you??!!