Today’s Newspaper Column & a Post about 9/11

Today’s column is up at The Greenville News, and it’s about masculinity and the many shapes it takes, and what good male figures in her life mean to a girl as she grows. It’s also in tribute to my father’s oldest friend, who was very dear to me and who passed away just last week. I hope you enjoy.

To read it, click here.

* * *

groundzeropicLike so many, I find it hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since September 11, 2001. I was lucky to be with friends when it happened, and so we watched and grieved together. Our world is a different place–and certainly our country is–because of that awful day. My thoughts are with the families of the people we lost, and I pray for them and for all of us who inhabit this spinning planet: May we find peace. May we make peace. May we live in peace.

My blogger-friend James Lomas posted some thoughts about 9/11 on his blog “Fables of the Deconstruction,” and I think they’re worth sharing. I know that I needed to remember today.

To read his post, click here.

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