Link to Newspaper Column for March 13, 2014

Hi, all.

Here’s the link to my newest column, “Mom doesn’t feel much like springing foward.” Basically, Daylight Savings Time did a number on me, my girls, and my dog.




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2 Responses to Link to Newspaper Column for March 13, 2014

  1. Jim Condon says:

    Enjoyed your book! When can we expect part two? From Taylors, sC

    • scout2011 says:

      I’m so glad to hear it! And you’re a neighbor–I grew up in Greenville in Botany Woods.

      Working on the sequel slowly; I’m actually well into another historical novel (I started it when my literary agent and I were unsure whether Keowee Valley would sell to a publisher), so that will hopefully/probably come out first. It’s set the year before the Civil War starts, and is about one of the descendants of Quinn and Jack.

      Thanks so much for reading and writing!