Show & Tell Friday – the Forgive Me Edition

Hi, folks.

I’m on a major deadline for Monday, and my 4 year-old’s preschool was let out early one day this week and cancelled for three days due to snow and ice. Less than two inches of it (it’s the South). I’m basically a basket case, because the time I needed to spend working on those deadlines was spent teaching and at home corralling my precious little scamps.

Okay, so I went sledding with my 4 year-old. And my dog.

See: Kate Wylie Scout sledding 1.28.14

And we walked downtown for bakery items and to make snow angels with friends.

And I watched DVRed reruns of The Newsroom. Which is going off the air after its 3rd season. Sigh. Nobody writes for television better than Aaron Sorkin. Come on!

So this is partly my fault. But still: three and a half days of no preschool does make a couple of writing deadlines tough to meet. You try to get anything done with a 4 year-old and an 8 month-old in the house. I dare you.


I do actually have one thing to share, for those folks in Brevard, NC and nearby: Native Eyewear is hosting the Locals Only Project Award Party at The Lumberyard in Brevard on Saturday, Feb. 8th from 6 – 10 p.m. The new catalog, complete with shots from all around our fair town, will be handed out. I have heard that it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to celebrate my adopted hometown!




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