Show & Tell Friday: the Facebook Edition

Hi, folks. Happy Friday!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Today I’m sharing a few things my Facebook friends have shared with me:

1.) Magical photographs of life on a Russian farm

These are pictures a Russian photographer/mama took of her two young boys on their farm. They are ethereal and yet grounded in earthly things: the family dog, a pond, the texture of the boys’ sweaters, snowfall, a rabbit. Incredibly beautiful, and proof of the sheer magic in our everyday lives. Check them out here.


2.) War on wolves

Idaho is planning a wolf slaughter, and they’re using tax-payer money to do it. This is nothing new.

One of my favorite organizations, Defenders of Wildlife–which also rates as one of the top organizations to donate to, where most of the money works toward the organization’s environmental and conservation mission–is fighting the massacre. I’m not being dramatic: it is a massacre, and the removal of grey wolves from the Endangered Species Act is one of my heart issues. If you get a yen to donate, or to check out what Defenders does, go here.


3.) Maya Angelou reading her poem “Phenomenal Woman”

Maya Angelou is an American treasure. She literally glows, showing us what it means to be truly beautiful. It doesn’t get much better than this. Thanks for sharing, Poets & Writers Magazine!

4.) And don’t forget, if you have any ideas about what I should call the new parenting/outdoor column I’ll be writing for The Greenville News in South Carolina, send them my way.

Happy weekend to all!

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