A New Baby

Just stopping by for a moment to introduce my May Day baby, Willoday Tiger Dodson. We’re calling her “Willa.”

The names: Willoday is a family name on my husband’s father’s side and Tiger is my great-grandmother, Anna Tiger Crawford’s, maiden name. She was an incredible lady to whom I was lucky enough to be close. “Willa” is the name of one of my favorite writers, Willa Cather.

The whole family is well, settling into life with a newborn. Big sister Wylie (3) is especially proud, but doesn’t like it when Willa cries. “It’s too loud,” she says, covering her hands with her ears. Oh, Wylie. Watch out.

I promise to be back soon, but for now it’s baby time. Thanks for sticking with me!

Willa, 6 days old

Willa, 6 days old

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