Goodreads Campaign & a Little Help from my Kin

If you’ve been reading along you’ll know that I’m due to have my second child in early May. Okay, so you’ve probably heard me wax poetic about the glories of pregnancy. Especially the 3rd trimester. I am Earth Mama. Hear me roar.

Sorry. It’s okay to be seriously sarcastic on a Monday morning, right?

paint cansBecause of the impending arrival of Baby 2, my mom and my aunt arrive today to spend most of the week with us. They painted the nursery when my (now) 3 year-old was on her way, and we had a great week together. They worked hard! We also ate yummy food and drank wine. (Okay, they drank wine. But I sniffed it.) I can’t tell you how nice it is to have family pitch in in times like these.

So, because they love me and aren’t tired of me yet, they’re coming back. We’re (okay, they’re) painting my 3 year-old’s new “big girl” room, where she’ll be moving so Baby 2 can take over her old digs. It’s a bigger room, and the previous owners of our house decided–for who knows what reason–to paint it a particularly dark shade of garnet, so it may take some elbow grease. I plan to ply my mom and aunt with wine and food all over again.


On another note, my publisher is going to be running a campaign for Keowee Valley on Goodreads this coming Friday, March 22. All day long readers and bloggers (whoever is interested) will be able to write to me with questions that I’ll answer in real time. (And I’m up for answering anything!) There’ll also be a book(s) giveaway. Along with this, I’ll most likely also be doing a blog tour, where I and Keowee Valley will be featured on several different blogs.

When I get the finalized details, I will post here. I love Goodreads, and I’d love to hear from you!

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