Show & Tell Friday

Hello from the Courtyard Marriott in Raleigh, North Carolina! In a couple of hours I’ll get to meet the readers and writers of the Wonderland Book Club, and I can’t wait! There was the threat of a little icy weather last night, but from my hotel window it looks like business as usual.

And though I wouldn’t trade it for the world, boy is it nice to wake up–just this once–and not have rush off to preschool and other assorted activities. There is a king bed here. Ahh.

* * *

Today, I decided, I’d make it Show & Tell Friday on my blog, The Writing Scott. I’m reposting here. Usually, I try to keep only book and writing-related information posted on my author website, and more personal topics on the blog. But I’m finding they’re blending a bit these days. So bear with me.

Back to Show & Tell: everyone’s favorite day at school as a kindergartner. This week, a few items have caught my eye, and I thought I’d share.

Here we go:

1) This clip is from the news in my hometown of Greenville, S.C. (You may have seen it pop up today if you’re a Yahoo News user.) The first bit was taken at Easley High School, a place my mother once taught Spanish. Here, two sons are surprised by their soldier father’s return. It’s a lovely way to start the day.

(And I love that at the end, the dad tells his son, “You know you have to go back to class, right?”) Good dad!

NCWN logo2) Writers and readers: The North Carolina Writers Network 2013 Spring Conference will be held this year on April 13th in Greensboro, N.C. For those of you in the area–and those of you not–the Network itself is one of the largest in the country, supporting writers in any stages of their writing lives and careers. The conference includes workshops, readings, and a publishing panel. Check it out!

3.) My Sunday school class, which I love but am not able to get to as often as I’d like these days, is currently working on a study conducted by Inheritance of Hope. IOH is an organization that supports families where one parent has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Our study will end with a Team IOH race, and the proceeds will benefit those families in need, helping them not only financially, but with books, family retreats, and ongoing individual and group support. The founders, Deric and Kristen Milligan, and their three children, are members at the church I attend, and also of my Sunday school class. Kristen passed away in the Fall of 2012 after a 10-year battle with liver cancer.

One of the cooloest things TIOH is doing now is supporting different events, and people taking part in different events. Check out a short video here:



Enjoy, have a fabulous weekend, and if you’ve got something you want to “Show & Tell,” let me know!



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