Enjoy the Keowee Valley Trailer

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5 Responses to Enjoy the Keowee Valley Trailer

  1. april says:

    Wanted you know that I just finished your book Keowee Valley. I loved it!! I know you are very busy with your newest family member, but is there going to be a sequel? I wanted to keep reading to see if they made it back to Keowee Valley and trials in Italy. Oh and how poor Fire Brand fared the trip to and from …on the ship. Did he stay and sire the Duchy’s stables? ;) Did Mac have Jack’s child? Was Rebekah in on a secret plan with Owen and Ridge Runner? So many questions just begging for an answer (for me anyway).

    • scout2011 says:

      April, I am so happy you loved the novel. Thank you for reading it!

      As for the sequel, it’s definitely in my plans, but the writing (what with the new baby, toddler, job, grad school, etc) is going quite a bit slower than I’d expected. I’m also working on another historical novel based on the descendants of Quinn and Jack, and set the year before the Civil War begins. That may be finished first. I can’t answer your questions about the sequel, though, because I’m planning on writing about them! But I can promise that they’ll be answered in the next Quinn book. I can tell you, though, that everyone will make it to Italy. ;-)

  2. Paula says:

    Golly! Not sure how I got the name April in there, my computer savy isn’t very good. I’m so sorry about that. My name is Paula. So that being said I really do appreciate your reply! I now have something to look forward to!!! With all you have going on I’m surprised you can even entertain writting. God bless you and your family, Paula ;)

    • scout2011 says:

      Hi, Paula.

      So sorry! It did pop up in my “moderate comments” section as April. Too funny. Thank you so much for your kind words and blessings. All the best to you, and do keep in touch!

  3. Paula says:

    Golly girl that was fast!! I was just getting to write again saying atleast I know ONE thing that will happen in the sequel and that’s that Mac will have Jacks baby if there are decendents. I’m slow on the uptake. Bless u!