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Katherine Scott Crawford is an award-winning writer, newspaper and magazine columnist, and college English teacher. She’s the author of Keowee Valley, an historical adventure set in the Revolutionary-era Carolinas and in the Cherokee country. Her parenting/outdoor life columns appear weekly in The Greenville News (S.C.), Upstate Parent Magazine (S.C.), the Asheville Citizen-Times (N.C.), and appear often in U.S.A. Today and other newspapers across the country.

“A glorious debut from a gifted author.”
-Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of Big Stone Gap and The Shoemaker’s Wife

Keowee Valley is a terrific first novel by Katherine Scott Crawford–a name that should be remembered.”
-Pat Conroy, bestselling author of The Prince of Tides and South of Broad

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Enjoy the Keowee Valley Trailer

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A sneak peak at my novel-in-progress

Miniature in the Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC

Miniature in the Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC

Hi, folks.

It is a wild, woolly, rainy Wednesday here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 30-something degree rain is just downright depressing. It should be snowing.

That being said, in the spirit of livening things up, I thought I’d give y’all a sneak peak at an excerpt from the very rough, very first draft of my historical novel-in-progress. I posted an earlier peak over on Instagram, and today posted this, too. So I thought I’d share here.

The novel, as it stands, is set in both 1804 and 2004. The following is told from the point of view of my main character, who is an art historian and restoration expert at the Gibbes Museum in Charleston, South Carolina. Enjoy!

Excerpt: WIP
There is an excitement historians feel when we’ve made a find. When we’ve uncovered something about a life, or from a time, no one has even seen or perhaps made a connection to before. It reassures something infinite in us: it solidifies this truism we all trust, that somehow, through era and age, across millennia, we are connected. That our stories matter. That we share them, despite the often dissociating construct of space and time.

It’s how we get a person to walk into a museum. I mean, that’s a pretty big task. In Charleston, especially, there are many other things to do and see. You can eat biscuits which sing in your mouth, for example. Drink cocktails from the jazz age, mixed by clever bartenders. Take in harbor views so delightful the town put up swings. But a historian must lure a person in by other means—the means of a promise. A promise of a glimpse of the past, of an insight into how we got where we are, even with the airing of someone’s 200-year-old dirty laundry. A historian makes the promise that stories matter. That our choices matter, and that they ripple out, as many reverberations as there are waves in the ocean.

I restore art not because I want to live in the past, or because I believe it was in any way, shape, or form a better place to be. I’m a woman, for heaven’s sake. The past is even trickier for my people than the present, and that is saying something. Indeed, I am well aware of history’s fickle soul.

But saying it like this makes the past sound just delightful, even funny. The truth is, the past is marauding. It will mow you down like a Pamplonian bull if you don’t give it the attention it deserves.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from my family to yours! (Plus a column.)

My girls: the reason I celebrate Valentine's Day.

My girls: the reason I celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day from my family to yours! Even though it’s not a real holiday, and the historical origins are dicey (and possibly a bit murderous). Still. This day reminds us that, really, all we need is love.

Today I’m harkening back to my Valentine’s Day column from 2017. And middle school. And how this holiday has mortified me since the 6th grade. To read, click here.

* If you are having trouble accessing my newspaper column because you’ve run out of “free articles” online, try opening a whole new window and Googling “Katherine Scott Crawford Greenville News Valentine’s Day middle school.” It should pop up in the first few results.

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This is goodbye … my last newspaper column

IMG_2668Hi, friends. It’s with a truly heavy heart that I must announce The Greenville News and the Asheville Citizen-Times have chosen to no longer run my weekly newspaper column.

My column appeared in The Greenville News every Thursday for 5 years, and for two years on Saturdays in the Asheville Citizen-Times. It was a joy to write, and I will miss connecting with readers more than you can ever know. Already this morning, my email Inbox has been full of messages from readers of the print version of the paper, many wanting to know to whom they can address their concerns. You are welcome to contact Regional News Director Steve Bruss at sbruss at gannett dot com or 864.298.4284.

I have some plans about making this website/blog a more active place for my writing: I’ll announce something soon. For now, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to this blog: the link is located to the right of my homepage here. It’s free, of course. Here I will share news of upcoming publications, write essays similar to my newspaper column, and share the places and things I love. I promise not to overload your inboxes!

And I hope you’ll connect with me on social media. Lately I’ve been spending a good amount of time on Instagram, but you can find me by clicking through the following:


In the meantime, I have plans to continue working on my second historical novel, and a TBD nonfiction book project compiling and utilizing past newspaper columns. Plus, you know, the wifing and parenting and dog-momming and hiking and reading and what-not.

I believe our stories matter. Thank you all, ever so much, for reading mine.

To read my final newspaper column, please click here.

~ Katherine





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New column: “Remembering a poet who wrote in the ‘vernacular of humanity’”

maryoliverEarlier this year, the United States lost one of its best beloved poets, Mary Oliver. Oliver’s words have reached an innumerable amount of people, all across the world, and from all different backgrounds. Oliver was one of those soothsayer writers who was filled with indefinable spirit: who knew we’re all the same, in the deep inside.

This column is in appreciation of her. I hope y’all enjoy it.

To read, click here.

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New column: “Our children belong only to themselves”

My daughters, a few years back. Wishing for snow.

My daughters, a few years back. Wishing for snow.

My most recent newspaper column is about a realization I came to after the birth of my older daughter. It shook me to the core, and made complete and utter sense.

I hope y’all enjoy it. To read, click here.

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New column: “Make 2019 the year of ‘come as you are’”

newyearIf we wait until we’re perfect, we will never do anything. This is a tough lesson to learn–one I struggle with daily. So: that, life, being awkward, scared, and hopeful, and more, in my newest newspaper column.

I sure hope y’all enjoy it. If you do, I hope you’ll share.

To read, click here.

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New column: “‘Mary Poppins’ is just what the world needs”

My family, dressed as characters from the original "Mary Poppins," Halloween 2014.

My family, dressed as characters from the original “Mary Poppins,” Halloween 2014.

My newspaper column this week is all about my thoughts on the new film, “Mary Poppins Returns.” And also: childhood, musical theater, and joy.

I hope y’all enjoy it! To read, click here.

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New column: “It’s okay to embrace the after-Christmas ‘lull’”

We are entering hibernation season, folks. And that’s okay.

Let’s embrace the lull. Here’s why, in my newspaper column.

To read, click here.

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New column: “Winter Storm Diego meant cold weather, warm hearts”

Hi, all! My newest newspaper column is up, and it’s all about how my small community in the mountains of Western North Carolina came together during Winter Storm Diego. To read, click here.

Want to stock your Kindles and e-readers for the hibernation season? Keowee Valley, my debut historical novel set in the wild Carolina backcountry of the 1700s, is on sale at Amazon for only 99 cents. 

Stay warm, everyone!

KV flash sale v3 flat

















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Writing–and researching–an 18th century Christmas (Keowee Valley still on sale at Amazon: 99 cents!)

colonialwreathHi, folks.

Well, there was a bit of a snafu at the newspaper, and my regular column wasn’t published today. They’re hoping to have it in Sunday’s paper, and when they do, I’ll share it here.

In the meantime, here’s a link to an article I wrote for the publisher of my debut historical novel, Keowee Valley. It’s all about what it was like to research and write about an 18th century Christmas, which makes an appearance in the novel. I hope y’all enjoy it!

Oh, What Fun: Diving into an 18th century Christmas 

* Just a reminder: Keowee Valley is on sale at Amazon now through Dec. 31st, for only 99 cents! Stock your KindleKeowee-Valley-screen (and your loved ones’) for the holidays. If you love epic historical adventure, or know someone who does, this is a story for you.

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